8oz Ripple Wall Hot Cup

  • Compostable
  • Sustainable
Product Details:
Ripple wall hot cups feature a wavy wrap that keeps hands cool and coffee hot. They’re great at heat insulation, hence perfect for very hot drinks like tea and coffee. The 8oz ripple hot cup is offered in brown, red and black.
  • Chilled Contents
  • Hot Contents

  • Wavy and sleek design
  • Can be custom printed

  • Wavy design with practical usage to insulate heat
  • When custom printed, they are ideal for promoting your brand
Item CodeECN00035
RangeTake-away Packaging
Sub RangePaper Cups
Size (H x W)65 x 80mm
Surface FinishNatural Matte Finish
LiningCoated with PE Lining
Raw Materials Paper
Customisable Yes
Carton 500pcs
Pieces Per Packet25pcs
Carton Width (mm)335
Carton Length (mm)500
Carton Height (mm)315
Carton Gross Weight (kg)5.8
MOQ – Stock> 1 carton
MOQ – Custom or Stock Made to Orderfrom 100,000